David Strand

My Collection of Skills

Technical Skills

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Picture of a butterfly.


  • Up to PHP 7.1
  • PHP web applications
  • PHP and MySQL databases
Picture of a butterfly, Caligo teucer.


  • XML documents
  • XML transformation into XHTML with XSLT/XPath
  • DTDs and XML schemas
Picture of a butterfly, Danaus genutia.

jQuery / Javascript

  • jQuery visual effects and animation
  • jQuery plugins and UI
  • AJAX and jQuery widgets
Picture of a butterfly, Morpho helenor octavia.


  • API applications
  • API data manipulation
Picture of a butterfly, Ornithoptera priamus.


  • W3C standards compliant structural markup
  • HTML5 semantic structure
  • HTML5 form validation
Picture of a butterfly, Morpho peleides.


  • CSS3 styling
  • CSS3 visual effects
  • CSS3 animation
Picture of a butterfly, Papilio buddha.

Responsive Design

  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Cross platform interactive effects
Picture of a butterfly, Caligo eurilochus.

Adobe CS

  • Image optimization
  • Image editing
  • Animations
  • Vector illustration
Picture of a butterfly, Papilio blumei.


  • WordPress plugins, templates and themes
  • Site security
  • Drupal

Production Skills

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Picture of a beetle, calosoma scrutator.

Content Research

  • Photo, art, film, sound, and video research
  • Content evaluation
Picture of a beetle, coccinella bipunctata.

Content Licensing

  • Project budgeting
  • Price and license negotiation
  • Licensing strategies
Picture of a beetle, coccinella conglomerata.

Copyright Analysis

  • Copyright analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • International copyright
Picture of a beetle, coccinella lateralis.


  • Readability editing
  • Factchecking and consistency proofing
Picture of a beetle, coccinella_quattuordecemguttata.

Photo Editing

  • Image optimization
  • Image manipulation
  • Photoshoots
Picture of a beetle, Coccinella quattuordecimpustulata.

Video/Sound Editing

  • Video optimization
  • Video editing
Picture of a beetle, coccinella vigintipunctata.

Graphic Design

  • Basic illustration
  • Web design
  • Print design
Picture of a bettle, Hedobia regalis.

Accessible Design

  • Information mapping, site planning
  • UI design
  • High contrast sites, usability proofing
Picture of a butterfly, Caligo eurilochus.


  • Keyword research
  • Writing for SEO
  • Google site optimization and analysis

Soft Skills

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Picture of a plant.

Problem Solving

  • Identifying and solving problems arising from complex projects and teams
  • Technical problems
Picture of a plant.


  • Hiring, training, and supervising staff
  • Motivating, mentoring, and delegating to team members
  • Project management
Picture of a plant.


  • Working with diverse and constantly varying project teams
  • Working with teams remotely and in person
Picture of a plant.


  • Understanding customer needs and expectations
  • Understanding team member's needs and concerns
Picture of a plant.

Hard Work

  • Working as needed to complete large projects on schedule
  • Completing projects without causing delays
Picture of a plant.


  • Relaying instructions and contract details between suppliers and team members
Picture of a plant.

Time Management

  • Meeting deadlines for concurrent projects
  • Working to weekly schedules
  • Planning work schedules for staff
Picture of a plant.

Critical Thinking

  • Evaluating content to determine suitability for particular applications
  • Evaluating technical solutions
Picture of a plant.


  • Implementing new ideas when appropriate
  • Advising clients